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  • Misc Car Wash FAQ

    • How often should I wash my car?

      Getting a car wash every week is a good rule of thumb, but that might vary based on personal conditions. If you live on a dirt road or do a lot of highway driving, for example, you may need to wash more often.

    • What is the best way to wash my car?

      There are so many options for keeping your car clean! Professional hand washing, coin-operated power washers, automatic car washes, and hand washing at home are all options. The most cost and time-efficient methods are typically automatic car washes or coin-operated power washes because they do a good job and they are quick and inexpensive.

    • Can I take my truck through the car wash?

      Pick-up trucks generally do go through the car wash just fine. If you are in doubt, do additional research before attempting, giving special consideration to any non-standard equipment like extended mirrors, special trim, or lights.

    • What about my aftermarket accessories?

      Most of the time aftermarket accessories come through the car wash just fine. But there is always a small chance that they could be damaged. Factors such as the age and condition of the accessories, whether they were properly installed will affect the outcome.

    • Will my trailer hitch be ok in a car wash?

      Typically car washes do not damage trailer hitches. Keep in mind that hitch plugs can be worked loose in a car wash. If you’re concerned, remove the hitch plug ahead of time.