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I think it's one of the best car washes around. I like how the car wash bays are always clean and well kept. This is a great car wash that always gets my cars good and clean. It's always great knowing that the vacuum bay is always clean as well. Plus there's a worker on the premises who makes sure this place is spotless. So if your looking for a great place to wash your car and great vacuums this is the place to get all clean. (Originally posted on Yelp.)

Paige C

Mar 08, 2021 – Springdale, AR

Long overdue review, have been a satisfied customer of this laundromat for a few years. Washers and dryers are always in perfect working condition, and if down repairs are made fast. Laundry-mat is always clean, and janitors/ maintenance are almost always on site cleaning and available to help. Plenty of games, folding tables, trashcans, and areas to sit. Posted rules for Covid precautions/ rules in English and Spanish. Two vending machines that are also stocked and rotated frequently. Went to a different place and was so disappointed as I got spoiled by this laundromat! Always a clean, great experience. (Originally posted on Yelp)

Elena C

Sep 12, 2020 – Lemon Grove , CA